The Kitchen Revamp ~ Behind The Scenes

This is a quick post with behind the scene pics of our incredible kitchen revamp. We put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this kitchen! We worked 16 hour days during most of the remodel (sweating was something we could not get around doing), all of us bleed at one point or another, and tears were shed as the weight of the project took it’s toll on me and also my marriage. You may have seen some of these pics in the other kitchen posts….just not in the order you will see them here.

I am eternally grateful to my family and to those who became our family during this project. A great friend of ours basically moved in on the weekends to help us keep this project moving after working at his regular job during the week. He “lived” with us for 10 LONG weekends. He was there from the beginning to the end….It was really weird when he went back to living his normal life.

And I really want to thank my Hubby for deciding that this was the year that the kitchen was getting done. I was fighting for the pool that has been in our garage for the past 5 years to finally be installed and enjoyed by us. Instead, he insisted it was my turn to have my kitchen of my dreams…..maybe next year on the pool.

Here we go…..Enjoy

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