My Journey

Hi everyone, I’m Mindy. I am a blogger, PTSD Survivor, out of the box thinking, homeschooling, “sorta” crunchy Momma of 3 (one of which is an autism mermaid). This blog is my journey through it all.

The Blog…
My journey to Simplicity Redesigned began in 2009, while in ICU in a Baltimore hospital. My team of surgeons, cardiologists, and specialists walked into my room and closed the door. I was basically told that I needed to completely change my life if I wanted to live. I decided to listen to them. I have been simplifying my life ever since.

I decided to put my world into words as a form of therapy for myself. All the countless hours of research, the emotions I bottled up within me, the trials, the victories, the setbacks and the recipes that my family and friends have lusted over and begged me to put into black and white. It is all in one place…Simplicity Redesigned.

I hope you enjoy the journey.

My life is Simplicity Redesigned…

Contact Me…
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