Health and Wellness

Certified Organic Or Not……Food For Thought

Cleaning & Disinfecting 101

Essential Oils 101

Fad Dieting

Food Instead Of Medication

Food Intolerance Or Food Allergy?

How We Fight Colds And Viruses

If You Could Tell Your Younger Self Anything, What Would It Be?

Knowledge is Power

Listen To Your Body

Real Whole Foods


Wisdom Teeth

PTSD & Depression

Fighting Back

Getting Back On Track

Post-Traumatic Growth

PTSD….A Raw Look Into My World

PTSD…My Own Private Hell

The Mother Of All Panic Attacks And What I Learned About Myself

What I Wish I Could Tell My Friends


Happy Birthday Reine….Thank You Kaydn

Simply Reine

The Newest Face Of Autism



DIY Bookcase

DIY Dead Bride Costumes

DIY Mermaid Costumes

DIY Play Dough

Fish Tank Stand Redo

Kitchen Revamp Part 1~ Demo

Kitchen Revamp Part 2~Hindsight

Kitchen Revamp~ The Reveal

Kitchen Revamp~Behind The Scenes


From Menu Planning To The Grocery Store 101

Menu Planning & Shopping Lists

The “B” Word

Why I Buy Local


A Blended Christmas Story

A Letter To My Son

A Flea Story

Fall Or Winter Birthday Party Menu Ideas

Halloween Witch

Happy Birthday Kaydn


How I Do Christmas Presents

It’s Not About Finding Love

My Christmas Wish To You

My Pantry

My Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

One Of Those Days

Reading Challenge

Simplicity Redesigned’s Highlights from 2014

Simplicity Vaca ~ Beach Packing List

Simplicity Redesigned Vaca ~ Part 1

Test Tube Spice Rack

The Empty Shelf Challenge

When The Vaca Doesn’t Go As Planned

Winter Ice

Winter Wonder Land


AromaRain Bracelet Diffuser Review

Squooshi Review


Recipes Are Listed Here

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