DIY Dead Bride Costumes

For Halloween 2015, my two youngest kids decided they wanted to be brides for Halloween. After searching for hours online, we could not find costumes that suited them. So, I decided to create them instead. Ebay became my best friend for these costumes.

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I used scissors to shred the bottoms of the dresses and the veils and also cut holes here and there. I wanted it to look like the dresses had been ripped naturally over time. I then bought Rit Dye in black. I diluted it in water and gently dipped the bottom of the dresses in it over and over again so that it looked like they had been walking for years. I also sprayed the watered down Rit directly on the dresses and veils in various places because I wanted it to look like it had gotten dirty naturally over many years. I put down a tarp to collect the excess dripping. I am thankful I did. I soaked their headbands in vinegar to try and age them as well. It took forever before very little if any, true aging occurred.

The Dresses and Veils Before the “Aging” Proccess:

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The “Aging” Process:

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The Finished Product With Makeup and Their Bouquets of Black Roses:

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