DIY Dead Bride Costumes

For Halloween 2015, my two youngest kids decided they wanted to be brides for Halloween. After searching for hours online, we could not find costumes that suited them. So, I decided to create them instead. Ebay became my best friend for these costumes. I used scissors to shred the bottoms of the dresses and the veils [...]


DIY Mermaid Costumes

Every year, I create Halloween costumes for my kids. I have taken store bought costumes and embellished them or piece mill several different costumes together to create something completely different. They love dressing similar to each other each year but with their own individual personalities or twists added to the costumes. They usually tell me their theme choice [...]

DIY Bookcase

Just like I LOVE revamping things in my home, I also love doing the whole DIY projects. They allow us to customize things we have wanted to do in our home without our bank account crying. This bookcase is 7 foot 6 inches tall by 6 foot 6 inches wide. Each shelf has about a 1-inch [...]

The Kitchen Revamp ~ Behind The Scenes

This is a quick post with behind the scene pics of our incredible kitchen revamp. We put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this kitchen! We worked 16 hour days during most of the remodel (sweating was something we could not get around doing), all of us bleed at one point or another, [...]

Kitchen Revamp ~ The Reveal

If you follow along with my journey on Simplicity Redesigned on Facebook, you know that I have pretty much been insane lately. I took a hard look at my life and decided to take some time off of blogging to get my home back in order before the city decided to condemn it or I had [...]

Kitchen Revamp Part 2 ~ Hindsight

Want to test your sanity, marriage, friendships, and your budgeting skills all at once???? Want to star in your own soap opera or reality show???? Want to rip out a room that you have hated for years in your home and start fresh without the help of a contractor???? If you answered yes to any [...]

Fish Tank Stand Revamp

One of the things you will begin to see on the blog is that I LOVE to revamp things. Take the old and create something new. I have a lot of fun seeing how far I can stretch the budget and get creative along the way! Here is one such example... We had a 40-50 [...]