Test Tube Spice Rack

All spices and seasonings have vivid colors, different textures, and unique shapes to me. They scream art and demand a unique way of being displayed. 3 years ago, I found the way I wanted to display my collection on DEAN and DELUCA starting at $105. Think I am joking? Click here to check it out. I knew I could do better then $175.

I did mine for about $42 total.

I bought a stainless steel rack that holds 50 tubes for $25

60 test tubes (10 extra in case one breaks) for $2.75 for 10

Each tube holds about 2-3 tbs.

My glass test tubes in a stainless steel holder...
My glass test tubes in a stainless steel holder…
50 Tubes. Cork toppers...
50 Tubes. Cork toppers…
Love Penzeys Spices...
Love Penzeys Spices…
This is one of my spice racks. Yes, I have more then one.
This is one of my spice racks. Yes, I have more then one.
Some of my spices....
Spice Rack…

9 Replies to “Test Tube Spice Rack”

  1. I think this looks ABSOLUTELY COOL!!!!! i just use a lot more spices on a regular basis ; i would need to refill some of them at least once a month 🙂 i use empty jam jars – all the same kind, some regular size and some larger – but yours look much nicer!!!

    1. Thank you! I go through all my spices about once a month. I refill the empty ones, see what we use the most, the least, etc. If I am running out of something, it gets added to my buy list. Right now all my extra spices are in the bags and bottles they came in. The ones that I dehydrate myself are in mason pint jars. I will eventually be putting all my extra spices in glass jars and displaying them in my kitchen when it gets redone.

      1. you have more drive for decorating and refilling than i do 🙂 good for you! because the i love how the test tubes look!!!

    1. Amber, I chose my rack first and went with tubes that fit that particular one. Each rack takes a different size. It usually tells you what size is recommended for it. I opted for glass as I knew the spices would scratch the plastic.

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