Test Tube Spice Rack

All spices and seasonings have vivid colors, different textures, and unique shapes to me. They scream art and demand a unique way of being displayed. 3 years ago, I found the way I wanted to display my collection on DEAN and DELUCA starting at $105. Think I am joking? Click here to check it out. I knew I could do better then $175.

I did mine for about $42 total.

I bought a stainless steel rack that holds 50 tubes for $25

60 test tubes (10 extra in case one breaks) for $2.75 for 10

Each tube holds about 2-3 tbs.

My glass test tubes in a stainless steel holder...

My glass test tubes in a stainless steel holder…

50 Tubes. Cork toppers...

50 Tubes. Cork toppers…

Love Penzeys Spices...

Love Penzeys Spices…

This is one of my spice racks. Yes, I have more then one.

This is one of my spice racks. Yes, I have more then one.

Some of my spices....

Spice Rack…

8 thoughts on “Test Tube Spice Rack

  1. I think this looks ABSOLUTELY COOL!!!!! i just use a lot more spices on a regular basis ; i would need to refill some of them at least once a month 🙂 i use empty jam jars – all the same kind, some regular size and some larger – but yours look much nicer!!!

    • Thank you! I go through all my spices about once a month. I refill the empty ones, see what we use the most, the least, etc. If I am running out of something, it gets added to my buy list. Right now all my extra spices are in the bags and bottles they came in. The ones that I dehydrate myself are in mason pint jars. I will eventually be putting all my extra spices in glass jars and displaying them in my kitchen when it gets redone.

    • Amber, I chose my rack first and went with tubes that fit that particular one. Each rack takes a different size. It usually tells you what size is recommended for it. I opted for glass as I knew the spices would scratch the plastic.

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