Listen To Your Body

Terri, from Rambling Momma, was incredible and asked me to write a post for her blog. Humbled is an understatement! Here is what I wrote for her. You should check out her blog….

I am a newbie to the blogging world. Family and friends have begged me for years to start one and share what I have learned as we began our journey to simplifying our lives. I finally listened to them. Although my journey started out as a medical need, I have since discovered that I am really enjoying life again. Discovering new things and learning as I go, laughing at the failures and there have been many! Homemade toothpaste…EPIC FAILURE. Yep, you could say that my life is Simplicity Redesigned…Hope you enjoy!

Listen To Your Body

Ever wonder where food cravings come from? I have discovered that it’s my body’s way of telling me it needs something. If you do not have any cravings,  you are not listening hard enough. I have found that when something sounds really good to me, there is a reason for it.  My body is telling me what it needs. I listen to it!

Still not sure what I am talking about?

Recently a friend of mine was having side effects from health issues she suffers from. I told her to look at her diet. She thought I was insane. She said she was not craving anything. I told her she was missing something her body was telling her it needed. I asked to her think about what foods sounded really good to her right now, at that very moment. It didn’t matter what she had in her fridge or pantry. What she could have or could not have. Just what sounded INCREDIBLE to her at that moment. Turns out she was craving broccoli, steak, and asparagus, just to name a few. Broccoli, as it turns out, is high in Vit K, A, B, and fiber. Asparagus is also high in Vit K, A, B,  and fiber. So were the other veggies she was craving. Steak is high in iron and Vit B.  She started to catch on. Her medical condition causes her Vit B levels and her iron to drop. She was supposed to start Vit B shots but had not yet. Her iron levels were also low. She is now a believer and has started to listening to her body.

Need another example?

I was in the hospital in ICU after surviving blood clots and a second major surgery in less then 4 months. I had lost a LOT of blood in both surgeries. Perk to being on blood thinners at the time. My heart and lungs were also both damaged and scared from the blood clots. I craved and I mean CRAVED portobella mushrooms, potatoes, steak, avocados, garlic, radishes, carrots, red onions, and green beans. It consumed me. I actually began dreaming about the foods I was craving. I had not started on my real whole foods, cutting out processed crap I thought was food,  journey yet. Everything I was craving was known for heart and lung healing capabilities. I listened to my body and I ate the foods I was craving. I allowed my self the time it needed to heal. My cardiologists (I have 2), thought that the damage in my heart and lungs was too severe and was permanent. They were shocked when I went in for a check up at my progress.  The damage they thought was so permanent, had begun to heal itself and my heart and lungs were stronger then they ever thought would be possible. Although I am nowhere near where I was before the blood clots caused the damage, I am also nowhere near were I was when I left the hospital. That was all it took for me to know that I was on to something.

Need yet another example??? Seriously I could do this all day.

You are miserable with a head cold. Most people crave chicken noodle soup and saltine crackers. Ever wonder why? Most basic chicken noodle soup contains the following ingredients. Broth, chicken, noodles, carrots, garlic, salt, and pepper.  Lets break it down shall we?  Steaming broth helps to thin out the mucus in your nasal passages allowing you to breathe easier. It also causes you to urinate out the infection in your system. Chicken is protein. Giving your body the energy it needs to help fight the infection. Noodles add carbs to help keep your energy levels up. They are also high in starch and help to absorb excess stomach acid. Aiding in stomach discomfort. The carrots contain natural high doses of vitamins that help build your immune system back up. Garlic helps to boost immune system to help fight off the infection.  Salt, in the broth, helps to replenish the minerals you have lost while sick and also helps to dry out your sinus passages, soothing your sore throat.  Pepper believe it or not, helps you to urinate and sweat more. Helping to rid your body of the infection in it. Saltine crackers, just like the noodles, are high in starch helping to absorb excess stomach acid. Also aiding in stomach discomfort.

Are you are starting to be a believer yet?  Listen to your body more. You will be amazed at what it tells you and how the foods we choose really do help to heal us when we eat the right ones.

Fresh vegetables collage

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