Halloween Witch

I recently had the honor of being asked to write a weekly post on a Facebook page. This is my first post on that page….


Halloween is sacred in our home. My religious beliefs aside. It is the one holiday we look forward to all year.  I was even married on Halloween (Yep, I wore black to my wedding).  We host what has become an annual Halloween costume/BDay party for my youngest (who was born on November 2). Trick or treating is something my kids look forward to. Even my 17 yr old! Dressing up and all. Here’s the thing though….we do not eat the candy. Seriously….none of it. What do we do with it? We give it all to the Halloween Witch. 15 years ago I needed to do something about all the candy my daughter got at Halloween. I did not want her to eat it all. I came up the concept of the Halloween Witch.

Every Halloween night the Halloween Witch rides into the bedroom of any boy or girl that places ALL their candy into a cauldron by their bed for her. She replaces the candy in the cauldron with a present or presents instead. Needless to say, instant hit. The presents can be anything…but they have to be special. I mean come on, they just gave up their favorite candy for this. They really worked hard for it too! That is a lot of walking and saying “Trick or Treat” and do not forget about all the “Thank You’s” said too. They earned it. So the Halloween Witch leaves something very special that they have really wanted for awhile or something that is just screaming their names. She searches far and wide for what she brings them. And listens to their hearts desires. The presents can be store bought or hand made. My daughters’ have never complained once about giving up the candy. Even at 17, my oldest is still loving the Halloween Witch!

What happens when you do not go out trick or treating but decide to pass out candy instead….Do not fear, place what ever is left that was not passed out that night in the cauldron. The Halloween Witch still comes and takes what’s left. No candy left….no need to panic. Just like the Tooth Fairy that still comes when the tooth has been swallowed or is missing, have the child write a note and put it in the cauldron. The Halloween Witch will still come. She’s just kick ass that way!

What does the Witch do with the candy??? Gets it out of the house ASAP. She tends to loose her cool factor rather quickly when the bag of Halloween candy is found by the little ones. Trust me they know it’s their candy!

There are several things you can do with the candy….

Sell it to your dentist or orthodontist. Many offer buy back programs. (Wonder what the dentist and ortho do with it?)

Candy for US Troops serving overseas. http://www.operationgratitude.com/halloween-candy-buy-back-2012/

Take it into work and distribute it in a common area.

You get the gist….

Halloween Candy


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