Winter Ice

We had an ice storm last night. I thought I would share some of the pics from it. Mother Nature can be INCREDIBLE!

These are pics we took this afternoon. My oldest UNFORTUNATELY had to go to her college to check on a science experiment she is doing. There were SO many roads that were closed off by the city to remove the down trees, huge limbs and downed power lines….There were police EVERYWHERE. Traffic lights were just off. Leaving people to figure out how to navigate through 4 lanes of stupefied drivers. They were actually baffled by the loss of the traffic lights.

I would have LOVED to have taken more pics. However, you could hear LOUD cracks and crackling everywhere as the branches of trees and power lines were giving way to the weight of the ice. I thought it was a MUCH wiser idea for me to get the kids home safely.

These pics were shared on a Frederick County, MD website. We were already warned against going downtown this afternoon as most of the roads were closed off.

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