Simply Reine

To My Simplicity Redesigned Readers and Followers,

In December of 2014, I decided to create a second blog, called Simply Reine. This blog will allow you to join us as we learn to navigate into Reine’s world and to help her navigate into ours. Just like Simplicity Redesigned, I promise it will be a real and sometimes raw as we look into Reine’s autism and what it means for her and us.

Simply Reine was something I felt compelled to do after many people began contacting me asking me about different techniques I was researching and trying with Reine, what was working for us, what books I was currently reading and / or recommended, how I knew she was on the spectrum, how we went about starting to get her diagnosed, what diet we were doing with her, and the list goes on.

1 out of 88 kids will be diagnosed this year somewhere on the Autism Spectrum Disorder chart. It is a long and often frustrating journey filled with waiting lists, specialist after specialist, and more questions than answers. Each specialist diagnosing other disorders and / or recommending another specialist, different therapies, and a list of items that may or may not help with your child’s autism and other disorders.

There are countless organizations, websites, and small businesses geared toward autism. Each one promising a cure, reasons for autism, or items that will help. It is honestly exhausting and often overwhelming.

I hope you will check out the blog and pass it on to anyone that may benefit from it. Or at the very least gain a bit of understanding, knowledge, and possibly a small look into what it is like for those with loved ones diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

And I promise LOTS and LOTS of mermaids too.


Simply Reine


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