Knowledge Is Power

If you would have told me 3 yrs ago what my life looks like today I would have laughed at you. Told you you were crazy and ignored you. I have since realized that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

My youngest daughter was born 3 yrs ago. Healthy. I wish I could say the same about me! Among my many pregnancy issues, I had gestational diabetes that despite a nutritionist. specialist, etc, we could not get under control. This caused me to gain 200+ lbs during my pregnancy. Yep, you can reread that last sentence if you want. Your eyes did not deceive you. I said 200+ lbs. I also have Double or Compound MTHFR Factor (A blood disorder that causes my blood to clot like you would not believe. Especially under high stress like surgeries, car accidents and pregnancies.). Although I was on the highest amount of blood thinners I could safely be on, I unknowingly passed thousands of blood clots while pregnant. Within 3 months of my daughter’s birth I was in critical condition in ICU with hundreds of pulmonary emboli in each lung, blocking the blood flow to my heart. I also had diabetes and high cholesterol, on top of the weight I was carrying from the pregnancy and the meds. Gotta love side effects of medication. This is when my life truly changed. After a surgery to remove as many of the clots as they could, I got an intervention so to speak. All my surgeons along with my team of cardiologists surrounding me. Can you say intimidating? I was told I needed to simplify my life if I wanted to survive. They. were. stone. cold. serious. Cut the drama out. Like many people, I had enough drama in my life to make a soap opera writers dreams come true. Friends and family that were unhealthy for me. Foods and drinks that were just as damaging. It was all taking a toll on my heart. Literally. It ached. I was told I was done with caffeine, any form of diet pills or weight loss anything. The diet stuff I didn’t do anyway….but the caffeine? Really??? It is hard to really look at your life. I mean REALLY look at it. And then change it. Not just in theory, but in practice. I listened to the specialists. I cocooned myself in my home with my kids and husband. My Mom In Law moved in with us (short term) for the 2nd time in 4 months to care for me. Nothing like having a mortality check to get you motivated. Here is where this part of my journey begins….

I was so weak from the blood clots, loss of blood, surgeries, etc. I had begun craving foods stronger than in any pregnancy I had ever had. Foods that I loved and some that I REALLY did not like at all. Mushrooms, avocados, radishes, steaks, baked potatoes, garlic, carrots, green beans, just to name a few. The cravings were so intense (worse then pregnancy cravings) that I finally gave into them. I began to look up the nutritional information of the foods I was craving. There it was in black and white, in front of me. The foods I was craving so strongly had heart and lung healing properties. Seriously, the human body knows what it needs to heal itself? This was a new concept to me. This was the first time I ever truly listened to my body. I ate what it was telling me to. I slowed down my daily activities from being Super Mom to resting. I began to heal. The back slide came when phone calls and visits began from people that were not healthy for me. I researched stress and the effects it has on your body. If I was going to heal, I needed to truly change everything about my life. It was at this point that I closed the door on these friendships and parts of my family. I didn’t confront them. I didn’t send them scathing texts or emails. I didn’t write them letters or call them. I just simply and silently wished them all the best in life that they deserved and went on about my life. I once again began to heal.

2 Replies to “Knowledge Is Power”

    1. I have often thought about if I could back in time, would I tell myself all I know now? I realized I would not. I know I would not have listened. I had to live through to become the person I am today and the person I will be tomorrow.

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