Wisdom Teeth

This blog post has been rewritten and all photos regarding EO have been changed in order to be compliant with the FDA as well as the current EO company that I use. If you have any questions regarding this post or essential oils, please contact me via email. All EO photos are stock photos found on Google Images and as generic as I could find.

My 18 year old daughter had her wisdom teeth taken out recently. She has permanent retainers on both her upper and lower jaws. On one side of her jaw the wisdom teeth were partially impacted, while on the other side the wisdom teeth were fully impacted. This would cause her surgery to be slightly difficult and rather painful. We were told that one side of her face could bruise more and would be swollen more then the other side.

I LOVE x rays. My daughters x ray.
X rays are so cool! This one is my daughter’s.

The original appointment was supposed to be August 12. They had a cancellation and were given about 24 hrs notice for the new appointment on July 31.

Also, know that she had her surgery on a Thursday and that on Saturday, we were having a gathering for her and her sister’s birthdays. They were born 8 years, 1 week apart. So for the sake of family and friends that live out of state, they share a party every year. I gave my oldest the option to cancel the party this year. She basically said not happening and to bring on the fun. I was VERY skeptical about it.

When I was given the post surgery care information, I was also given 3 prescriptions to fill, an antibiotic, high dose pain reliever, and a narcotic (which we did fill immediately after her surgery). I told the nurse that we were choosing to use essential oils to help her boost her immune system instead of using the prescriptions she was handing me. I was asked to chronicle what we were doing for the surgeon and friends.

I was asked by my oldest to NOT take any pics or videos of her sedated, swollen or bruised. So, I have no pics to show you of her immediately following her surgery, I respected her requests. 

 We rated the pain on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst.

If at ANY time she needed or wanted to take any of the meds that were prescribed to her by the oral surgeon or any over the counter med of her choice, there was a COMPLETE understanding that all she had to do was to either ask for them or get them herself. I do not want anyone to think that I withheld them from her or talked her out of taking them for ANY reason.

The following is what we did before and after the surgery.

July 30

Placed Clove essential oil on the wisdom teeth and gum area of the wisdom teeth.
Took Protective Blend Beadlets

July 31

As we walked out the door, I placed Ginger around her ears to help with any stomach discomfort from the anesthesia (she was sedated for the surgery)

Directly after the surgery as she was buckling her seat belt, I placed peppermint around her ears and Soothing Blend along her jawline.

When we got home, I placed a drop of Frankincense directly under tongue and she took Protective Blend Beadlets and went to sleep almost immediately and slept for over 6 hours. As she slept, I put ice packs on her (10 minutes on, 10 minutes off for about 12 hours) and applied Soothing blend along her jawline about every 2 hours. She was still in various stages of numbness from the surgery late into the evening. As the night progressed, she enjoyed the freezing temps of ice cream and the coldness of applesauce and water. We moved the ice packs to about 10 minutes on once an hour. Continued with the Soothing Blend as well.

Pain 3-4 max at various times throughout the day. No bruising.

August 1

Swelling was minimal (as in you could barely see it). She could feel it inside her mouth though. Completely able to open her mouth all the way without discomfort. Continued with the ice packs on for 10 minutes every hour and Soothing Blend along her jawline about every 2 hours. She still continued to find relief in the yumminess of ice cream and applesauce and water (Can you blame her???) She added scrambled eggs and mashed up baked potato (sour cream, butter, and sea salt) to her diet. She slept for over 8 hours that afternoon. Swishing began with the warm salt water and also the brushing of the teeth started once again.

We added the following essential oils to her salt water each time she swished…

1 drop of Clove

1 drop Helichrysum

1 drop of Protective Blend

She did decide to take 2 regular strength Motrin that night so that her and I could sleep for a couple of hours without having to do the ice every hour. She also had a stiff neck from sleeping in weird positions. Oh and she got hit in the jaw by her 4 year old sister.

Pain 3-4 max at various times throughout the day. No bruising.

August 2 (Party Day)

Swelling gone completely inside. Soothing Blend every couple of hours. Ice packs were used 2x that day for 10 minutes each while everyone was here for the party as there was LOTS of talking, laughing, etc going on. She blew out 19 candles that were in her pot of chocolate pudding. We decided pudding was a better bet for her then cupcakes would have been. She ate more potatoes, soft cucumber pieces, diced strawberries, Greek yogurt, ice cream, and apple sauce. Oh and she also ate a cupcake.

19 candles in a pot of chocolate pudding....
19 candles in a pot of chocolate pudding….
Just one the of the cupcakes that we made....
Just one the of the cupcakes that we made….
All lit up....
All lit up….
Glowing brightly. This is one of my favorite pics of them together.
Glowing brightly. This is one of my favorite pics of them together.
She blew out the candles in one try with no issues.
She blew out 19 candles in one try with no issues. We were all impressed!

She still did the whole swishing with the salt water and the essential oils from August 1.

She did take 2 regular strength Motrin before the party to help keep swelling down.

Pain 2-3 max at various times throughout the day. Still no bruising.

August 3

Done with ice. Continued with Soothing Blend as needed. Swished with salt water and Protective Blend only. Continued to eat soft foods and ice cream because “Hey why not?”!

Pain 1-2 max at various times throughout the day and still no bruising.

August 4

Done with the Soothing Blend. Continued to swish with salt water and Protective Blend.

No pain. Only uncomfortable from teeth shifting.

Fast forward to August 7

Post surgery check up.

Her surgeon was in awe to say the least. He triple checked her mouth with his lights and tools. Asking the tech helping him to move the lights this way and that as he kept checking her mouth. I am not going to lie, he had me really worried there for a minute. He kept making these sounds and sighs as he examined her mouth. Then he said he had never seen any of his patients heal this fast before. You could hear both my daughter and I exhale at the same time. He said her gums were a beautiful pink. The sites of the extractions were healed over already including the areas where the fully impacted teeth had once been. On his scale of 1-10, 10 being completely healed, he said she was an 8-9. He was also shocked about her NOT taking any of the meds he prescribed. And his face was priceless too when she told him she blew out 19 candles….

30 Replies to “Wisdom Teeth”

  1. This is an awesome paper. May I have your permission to copy it and print it so I can show someone?
    I am sure it will be a great encouragement..

  2. I know this is almost a year old post but I was searching for alternatives to helping my teens who will be having their wisdom teeth removed next month. I also use ******* and was specifically looking for a protocol in using them. I will be following your lead. Sounds great and glad your daughter healed so quickly! Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

    I was contacted by an essential oil company representative on 9/3/15, telling me I had to remove the name of the oil company that was in this comment as it was non compliant.

    Mindy (Simplicity Redesigned)

    1. Leslie,
      The Oral Surgeon and his staff were in AWE as were we. I wish I had done this when I had my wisdom teeth removed a couple of years ago. Let me know how it goes please. What worked or did not work for you.

  3. I was contacted by an essential oil company representative on 9/3/15, telling me I had to delete mamakilya’s comment as it was non compliant.

    Mindy (Simplicity Redesigned)

  4. I am having my wisdom teeth taken out next week and hoping to help the healing process in any way I can! I have written down everything you mentioned in this post. Is there anything I should know or use?

    1. Krista,
      Lots of rest. Have someone there that can keep the frozen ice packs going while you sleep. It’s a pain for them to keep setting timers, switching out packs etc, but I think that it did a LOT for my daughter’s mouth. If you can keep the swelling down, that helps with the pain. Get more ice packs (frozen peas work amazing) than you think you will need. It takes a while to refreeze. Also, keep on top of the pain. All the oils we used, how often, and were we applied them are in the post. Listen to your surgeon and follow what they say to a “T”.

      1. Thanks for the quick response. Thankfully my husband will be off work for 4 days to help me out!
        Just curious what oils the protective and soothing blends consist of. I did not find either of those on the ******* website.

        I was contacted by an essential oil company representative on 9/3/15, telling me I had to remove the essential oil company’s name from this comment as it was non compliant.

        Mindy (Simplicity Redesigned)

      2. I was contacted by an essential oil company representative on 9/3/15, telling me I had to delete Krista’s comment as it was non compliant.

        Mindy (Simplicity Redesigned)

      3. I was contacted by an essential oil company representative on 9/3/15, telling me that I had to delete my response to Krista’s comment. It was also apparently not compliant.

        Mindy (Simplicity Redesigned)

  5. Mindy,
    Thank you so much for making your post compliant instead of deleting it!! I just had an impacted tooth removed and didn’t really bother to look up a protocol because I knew about the whole compliancy difficulty. I really appreciate the time you took to post this and then change it for the FDA!! I am going to start the oils that I have in my salt water now and use the soothing blend on my jaw. Best wishes to you and your family!!

  6. I am so happy that I found this post today. I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow and as soon as I saw this post I grabbed my oils and made sure they are ready for tomorrow. As someone else said, thank you for making the post compliant instead of deleting it. I’m hoping my recovery is as smooth as your daughter’s.

  7. Thank you for sharing this! I just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. My only question or concern is, did your daughter have stitches? I’m just worried about the potency of the oils dissolving my stitches before they are ready. Other than the swishing (so far) I’ve been following your protocol. Thank you!

    1. Honestly, we could not remember if she had stitches or not. I would err on the side of caution just to be safe. I would not use the oils in your mouth with the stitches. I do truly believe that they would dissolve them. I hope you are healing quickly!

  8. Did your daughter take the antibiotics? Maybe you could email me about this personally. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Breanna,
      I did get her prescriptions filled for the antibiotics and pain medication. However, she did not take the antibiotics or the pain medication that was prescribed for her. There was no need for them with everything we did. They were there if she needed them. I kept a close eye on her and checked for signs of infection several times a day in case she needed to start them. Both the surgeon and his staff knew everything that we were doing before the surgery even took place. They kept close tabs on her as well. They wanted to know the results as well. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have at Simplicityredesigned@gmail.com.

  9. Thank you so much for your post on “Wisdom Teeth!” I had to have my tooth pulled today, because I cracked my tooth (Bottom right molar or tooth #31). I found your post last night and followed it to help me with my tooth extraction.
    They did use gas on me and I did have stiches. I also use the Frankincense essential oils in my mouth, so I hope they don’t dissolve my stiches! I will keep you posted.

    I slept for about 4 hours, had lunch then slept another hour and now here I am 10 1/2 hours later typing this reply to you. I wanted to let you know I am feeling great! I actually don’t have much pain (1 or 2 max) in mouth. Have kept the soothing blend on every two hours, so I do feel this has really helped me out.
    I too did not take any of my pain medication from my doctor. I acutely had great faith in the essential oils that I told my husband not to have fill the prescription. I told him to wait and let’s how I feel with just the oils! So I saved me some money on my prescription too! Anyway thanks again for your post and also for not deleting it!

    Love Essential Oils,
    August 19, 2016

  10. I am wondering what essential oils are in the soothing blend that you put on the jawline, I have just had a tooth removed and I would like to use this. Thank you and great post about your daughter.

    1. Hi Ellen,
      I hope you are healing well! I am sorry it took me a couple days to respond back to you. Germs decided to invade my home. In response to your question about the Soothing blend….I primarily use DoTerra EO. The soothing blend is one of their blends. Here is a product link that lists the ingredients. This particular blend is a must have in my home. It gets a lot of use here….
      https://doterra.com/US/en/p/deep-blue-oil. If you have any other questions…feel free to email me at Simplicityredesign@gmail.com.

  11. Hi there. I am getting my wisdom teeth pulled out in two weeks. Just wondering how you would recommend using clove oil in the mouth? Should I be diluting it with coconut oil? Also will the oils affect the stitches as he doctor said I will have those disolvable stitches. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jade,
      I would NOT recommend using the oils on stitches. It can dissolve them. My daughter used clove oil diluted with coconut oil to help with the pain her teeth were causing her before her surgery. I hope your surgery is very uneventful and you heal quickly. Remember to ice your face as often as you can the first 24 hours. It truly does help with the swelling!

  12. Hi, are you able the share the recipe for the soothing blend and protective blend you used? Also, did you use the EO in the saline mouth rinse at day 1? Thank you!

    1. I did NOT have my daughter swish with the oils the first day. The blends were from an oil company so they were already mixed for us. If you do a Google search with the oil blend names, the company and the oil will come up along with several sites you can purchase them from.

  13. Would you mind to private message me your suggestions for my daughter with wisdom tooth pain right now? With COVID everything was shut down, then my husband lost his health insurance, so it will be a bit before she can get surgery. I want to make her as comfortable as possible. If you could email your suggestions I would so greatly appreciate it!

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