One Of Those Days….

So today was one of those days…I mean really one of THOSE days! We got a snowstorm earlier then I expected it to be here, for once it hit exactly when it was supposed to hit (The weather guys actually called it this time! Who knew??).

First snow of the season...
First snow of the season…

I, of course, was out of milk and toilet paper (I know, right?! You can already see where this day is going can’t you? HEY EVERYONE, LOOK A SNOWSTORM IS COMING! QUICK, RUN TO THE GROCERY STORE AND BUY OUT ALL THE TOILET PAPER, MILK, AND BREAD!!) Hubby needed deodorant, we were out of Pull Ups (a story for another blog post), kids outgrew their snow bibs and snow boots (DUH! You can’t play in the newly piled snow that is falling in obscene amounts without those!). Obviously, you guys are freaking intelligent (You are after all, reading my blog) and can guess what I did… Yep, I loaded my 3 kids in the car and attempted to run to our local box store, to gather everything as quickly as I could.

Loading 3 kids into the car...
Loading 3 kids into the car…
Loading 3 kids into the car...
Loading 3 kids into the car…

See, I told you! You guys ARE freaking intelligent!! So, off I go in my little Hyundai Elantra, slipping and sliding EVERYWHERE with very crappy visibility.

Love the visibility....
Love the visibility….

We get to the box store and I know for a fact already that I am a complete freaking idiot for this one. Understand, I lived in Pennsylvania for over 10 years. It snows there all the time. So I do know how to drive in the cold white stuff. But there was nothing I could do, we needed the things on the must buy list! So we are in and out in under 30 minutes. A record considering how many other people were at the store with their carts filled with???…You guessed it, toilet paper, milk, and bread! There is another 2 inches of snow on my car already upon venturing back into the arctic like, frozen tundra of the parking lot. I managed to get out of the parking lot and immediately get stuck in the snow. There are people (including police) who are now swerving and sliding around me. Not one of them stopped to see if I was OK or needed help. My preschooler and 9 yr old are beginning to unravel and are panicking. I am just praying we do not get hit. My oldest is questioning if she really wants to ever learn how to drive in the snow now! About 20 minutes later, I gave up trying and called Hubby to figure out what to do next. That is when 2 amazing guys FINALLY come to my rescue. Realizing we have no other options, they actually started pushing my car out of the mini snow bank I was stuck in….only to have this happen 3 more times. We finally get me to a safer place and the guys give up. I can not blame them in the least!! I call my Hubby and say it is time to come bail me out. I claim defeat. Wave the white, whatever I can find white that is in my car. I surrender!!! He is irritated with me because he is out with the guys watching football and having a great time. At this point my preschooler and 9 yr old are in complete melt down mode, the like to which I have never seen before and hope to never see again! I send my oldest to trudge through the snow to a grocery store, in the opposite end of the plaza from where I am now stuck, to get cat litter to try and bail us out, praying for traction. She comes back and we fail at getting anywhere. We wait it out. Over an hour later there is still no Hubby. I call him only to discover he is now stuck. I laugh HARD! He is now REALLY irritated with me and hangs up on me. He apparently, could not find the humor in both of us being stuck at the same time. Needless to say, he shows up finally, and I get unstuck for about a minute. Two more guys show up and help my Hubby push my car, they push through a major intersection on a red light and then they go back and push my Hubby’s car after he gets stuck. This game went on for the next 15 minutes. Each time a new stranger would help us. Finally ending with the fire department coming to my aid.

Sorry, no hot shirtless firemen wielding an ax came to my rescue.

The hot shirtless fireman wielding an axe...
The hot shirtless fireman wielding an axe…

Instead, I got a younger female and a middle aged male firefighter that were incredible and followed me the rest of the way home, making sure the bridge (that is under construction) in front of me was freshly plowed. They followed me the rest of the way home and helped me several more times to get unstuck.

I finally got home about 4 hours after our adventure began.

Lots of snow!
Lots of snow!
Back deck....
Back deck….

The oldest and I were now completely frozen and beyond exhausted. The youngest was needing reassurance that we were finally all kinds of good. I did what any good Mom would do, I got my youngest to snuggle with the oldest under a blanket, I made the oldest a BIG cup of expired hot tea (Seriously, it was expired. This was NOT done on purpose! I know, I am so not winning any mother of the year awards today!!), I reheated tomato soup (recipe here) for lunch / early dinner, then I got the middle one in her snow gear and sent her outside to have fun with our two Siberian Huskies, who were in HEAVEN in their native freezing cold, snowy weather.

Avalanche in the snow!
Avalanche in the snow!
Avalanche and Tsunami in the snow!
Avalanche and Tsunami in the snow!
Play time...
Play time…
This is what they did the rest of the afternoon and all evening!
This is what they did the rest of the afternoon and all evening!

Through all of this, our power kept going out. I made a fire in the fireplace, cleaned up the kitchen, got stock ready to go in jars, helped with the removal of snow and the adding of salt to the outside realm, we call our sidewalk, front porch and driveway, came inside, only to realize that everyone was hungry again. Now you tell me?? Eating at 4:00 in the afternoon does not guarantee that everyone will not be starving a second time and demand to be fed again at 9:30 at night. Great, I was left to rummage through the pantry and fridge with nothing thawed. Nothing prepped. I am out of the everyday easy stuff (pasta) and no time to make anything complicated. So I threw food together, literally, and prayed it was edible. Happy to report that it was indeed edible. As in, recipe coming soon to the blog, edible! We finally ate dinner at 10:00 this evening….

Sneak peak of the dinner we ate tonight…

Sneak peak at dinner....
Sneak peak at dinner….

Through out the day, all we could do is laugh. I mean really LAUGH! All except for Hubby! It was just one of THOSE days!



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