AromaRain Bracelet Diffuser Review

I use essential oils daily to help with my PTSD and depression. I have posted about this several times on my blog. This year I found a stainless steel and leather aromatherapy bracelet from AromaRain that I am in LOVE with. I already own a couple of their necklace diffusers and love them. But when they came out with their bracelet diffuser I knew I had to try it as well. It did not disappoint!


The bracelet has a dainty leather band that is replaceable. and magnetic closure (same closure as their necklaces) to keep the felt pads in place. Mine came with several felt pads in various colors. As I stated above, AromaRain also carries other jewelry type diffusers such as stainless steel necklaces but the bracelet is by far my favorite jewelry diffuser because I get the smell of the EO every time I move my wrist. When you think about, you use your hands constantly. If you are a hand talker (someone how gestures with their hands while they talk) like me, then you really use move your hands and wrists constantly. I get the smell of the EO constantly which helps to calm. The necklaces are awesome too but I have to lift them to get the smell of the oils when I need it.

If you do a Google search for jewelry diffusers, you will find hundreds of different products on the market. I  have tried other jewelry diffuser companies in the past but none have held up as nicely as those from AromaRain.

The magnetic clasp on their items has held up beautifully.  I clean mine with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip every couple of days when I change out the pad or in between uses. This helps to stop the gummy residue that coats the magnet and stops it from holding the locket closed.

The felt pads hold about 3 drops of oil and are not expensive to replace. I will tell you that you need to reorder your felt pads from AromaRain directly and not from other companies. I learned the hard way that other companies pads will not fit their jewelry and they are not easy to cut to the correct size. Same yourself some time and frustration and just go to them to when you need new pads. I use 2 pads a week in my bracelet. Please know that I use this daily. The only time it comes off is when I shower, swim, or do the dishes.

Their customer service is on point. Yes, I have contacted them via their FB page a couple of times in the past. I was able to buy new bands for my bracelets through them. They also walked me through troubleshooting when I had issues with the locket staying closed (That’s how I learned it needs be cleaned regularly).

I have even purchased them as gifts for family and friends. You know I truly love this company and their items when I blog about them and buy them for others.



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