The Mother Of All Panic Attacks And What I learned About Myself

Recently I was feeling "slightly" off and overwhelmed. I had been pushing myself physically and mentally past what I normally do without giving myself time to recharge. My house was especially crazy with my Mermaid stimming more than usual and I was just completely exhausted. By the time I finally noticed that my body was [...]


Post-Traumatic Growth

I have been pretty quiet this year on social media, as well as, in "real life". I took some much needed time away from everything and everyone in order to concentrate on healing myself and my soul. In the process of it all, I put myself into what is called "Post Traumatic Growth" or PTG. [...]

Fad Dieting

Fad Diets (AKA Food Fads) are diets based on popularity. Most are considered fads even though they have been around for decades because of the spike in usage every couple of years. Most have you consume between 500-1000 calories per day max. They usually promote short-term weight loss, with no real concern for long-term weight [...]