The Mother Of All Panic Attacks And What I learned About Myself

Recently I was feeling "slightly" off and overwhelmed. I had been pushing myself physically and mentally past what I normally do without giving myself time to recharge. My house was especially crazy with my Mermaid stimming more than usual and I was just completely exhausted. By the time I finally noticed that my body was [...]


What I Wish I Could Tell My Friends

Over the years, I have watched people come and go in my life. Some, I have helped to close the doors on slowly as my life changed and /or their lives' changed, silently wishing them well in the process. Others, I ran away from, slamming the doors and then barring that shit closed to make [...]

Post-Traumatic Growth

I have been pretty quiet this year on social media, as well as, in "real life". I took some much needed time away from everything and everyone in order to concentrate on healing myself and my soul. In the process of it all, I put myself into what is called "Post Traumatic Growth" or PTG. [...]

Fighting Back

This blog post was a hard one for me to write. It touched on a subject that is personal, raw, and heavily clouded in stigma. It took me several months to write and weeks to press publish. Be gentle with me on this one please. Somewhere I lost myself. Somehow I became unrecognizable to me. [...]

Quoth The Raven “Nevermore” AKA RAVEN

Our search for a PTSD Service Dog for me has been an ongoing process for the past 2 years. This is not something we took lightly. I spent countless hours researching what exactly a PTSD Service Dog is supposed to do, the difference between an Emotional Support Dog versus a Service Dog. Which one would better [...]

Getting Back On Track

This has been a hard couple of months for me personally. I have gone through experiences I NEVER thought I would have to go through. I have had my life under a microscope, my world torn apart and put back together. I walked away from people I considered to be close family friends as a [...]

PTSD….A Raw Look Into My World

This is a guest post I did for Rambling Mamma. You can check out her blog here.... This is my rawest post to date. This was not only my most personal post I have ever written, but also the hardest to decide whether or not to post on both Rambing Mamma's blog as well as [...]