It’s Not About Finding Love

It’s Not About Finding Love…

A Carved "Heart of Love" on a White Birch Tree. Shallow DOF.

A voice starts you out of a light sleep and your eyes open to the dark.
“Has anyone ever told you you’re perfect?”
You roll over seeking the warmth of the voice and after a moment you answer.
“Yes, far too many times.”
The voice smiles; you can’t see that but you know, just like you know the stars shine in the dark even when you can’t see them.
“Well you should be told how perfect you are; every moment of everyday, by everyone you see. A crowd of people should stand around singing of your perfection. Singing until you can’t take it and you’re screaming at them ‘I’m not perfect! I drink too much; I sleep too late; I once stole a kids bike and left it broken in the street!!!’ Your voice will drop to a murmur and you’ll look at the ground. ‘I’m not perfect…’ The crowd will go silent and look around worriedly; they will slowly begin to back away and leave you. But, at that moment one person will step out from that crowd and they will yell right back at you. ‘You’re not perfect; not even a little, and all these people for all these years have been lying right to your face! I’ve seen you kick puppies, but calm a child’s cries; break a toy, but give away your last bite; refuse to comfort a dying girl, but hug a crying stranger! You’re not perfect, you’re human!!’ The weight will begin to lift from your shoulders; that weight that you’ve been carrying around so long you forgot it was even there. You aren’t perfect and now that someone has screamed it that means you can stop trying to be, stop trying to live up to what everyone thinks you are. You run through that crowd, pushing and shoving until you stand beside the one who screamed back at you. You stand there, facing each other down. The crowd has stopped leaving and now they are staring waiting for the screams, the violence of a brawl but none of that happens. Instead in a whispery thin voice you respond. ‘You’re not perfect either. I’ve seen you scream at a child but comfort a dog; beat someone down but bandage a broken heart; you’ve taken a life but left behind a seed to grow. You’re not perfect but you’ve always been human…’ You stare at each other and you see a spark return to their eyes; the one who yelled now can stand a little taller. You stare at each other and learn that love isn’t someone telling you you’re perfect; that it is someone who tears that perception down and frees you to be what you really are – human. The crowd disappears leaving you alone together; but you never notice, you stopped paying attention to them when the screaming began…”
The voice stops and as it drifts off to sleep you whisper.
“Then maybe I wasn’t told too many times after all; because if I hadn’t I never would have paid any mind to your screaming…”
And as you drift off to sleep you smile and even though they can’t see it the voice knows just like they know that the stars shine in the dark even when they can’t see them.

MY INCREDIBLE DAUGHTER TRISTEN WROTE THIS….She is going to kill me but I had to share it.

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