Ham Green Bean Potato Soup

Right now, as I type this, we are in the path of a Nor-Easter in Mid March. As I watch the snow falling all around us, I decided to make one of our favorite soups perfect for cold, snowy days. It is a seriously easy soup to create. Freezes well too. I was surprised by how many [...]


Cream Of Cheddar Cheese Soup

Super easy and soooo good! This recipe never makes it into my pint jars or my freezer. I usually would wait to post a recipe until I have all the pics. However, after 3 years of trying to get a finished pic of this recipe, I have given up. It is like my family has [...]

Meatball Subs

This is one recipe that is requested for me to make here time and time again. It is easy, hearty, very filling,  and OH. SO. GOOD! Did I mention easy? Ingredients: Meatballs Tomato starter (or Roasted tomato starter ) Italian bread made into small loaves Cheese of your choice (I used Romano and Parmesan cheese) Directions: [...]

Avocado Chicken Soup

Recently, I can not get enough of avocados. I am putting them in everything from egg rolls, salad dressing, on quesadillas to in soups, and brownies. This is one of the most requested dinners in my home right now. It is so easy to make. NOTE...You will need a high powered blender or an immersion [...]


Quiche is one of those quick and easy meals I have always made when I have too many eggs sitting in my fridge. It is high in protein and has endless combinations possibilities. It has been a go to for me for several years until recently. Over the last couple of years, I developed an [...]

Pot Pie

Pot pie is one of those comfort foods that reminds me of my childhood. Now, I will be honest when I say that I never had from scratch pot pie until we switched to Real Whole Foods. I grew up on the ones in the freezer section. I thought they were great. When my hubby [...]

Taco Seasoning

When we first began to switch to eating cleaner and healthier, I looked at the seasoning packets I was using when I made tacos, chili, ranch dressing, etc for the first time and was in awe! I thought I was using only spices. Yep, I was that naive. I never really saw the other ingredients! [...]