Grilled Bread Pizza

This is one of my family’s favorite recipes we make. Super easy and so yummy! Now for those without a grill… NO NEED TO PANIC. Do not run away saying “Damn it! I can’t do this one.” Relax,  just do it in your oven. We have. Came out fine. I would advise using a baking sheet though in case it decides to spill over in your oven. One mess I do not want to yelled at about. Remember, I can not do Italian seasonings so I use other seasonings. For this recipe I used cilantro, garlic powder, parsley, dill, salt, pepper, and anything else I felt like adding to the mix. I will also tell you now that we do not use shredded cheeses. We do it ourselves. Part of the whole eating healthy thing we have going on here. Means no added tree pulp or potato starch.

Supply List

Some version of a solid loaf of bread (Italian, French, Artisan) Can be stale bread as well.

Oil (We use olive oil)

Spices and or seasonings of your choice

Mozzarella, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, or any other kind of cheese you want

What ever toppings you want (we use tomatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms, etc)

Basting brush and tongs if you need them to move or check the pizzas

Grill or oven

By now you are realizing that this is a sauce less pizza. That is because we have found it makes the pizza really soggy. You are more then welcome to try it. It just didn’t work for us. My sauces are thick not runny or soupy. On to the recipe….Hope you enjoy it!

Cut the loaves of bread in half lengthwise. Slice any of the toppings you need to at this point. If you are cutting or shredding cheese for the pizzas now is the time to get it done too.

Look how pretty....
Look how pretty….
Hey look it's a grill....
Hey look it’s a grill….

I bring everything out to the grill while it is heating up.

Hey look it's the bread making it's appearance along with the tomatoes...
Hey look it’s the bread making it’s appearance along with the tomatoes…
More yumminess...
More yummines

If the grill is on high….now is a great time to turn it down to medium. Nothing says YUM like charred bread! Now place the bread face down on the grill so it can work on it’s tan some.

Bread getting lightly toasted....
Bread getting lightly toasted….

Once toasted, carefully flip the bread over and brush on a thin layer of oil. Place your seasonings on the bread as well.  PLEASE USE CAUTION!!! THE GRILL IS STILL ON AS YOU ARE PUTTING THE INGREDIENTS ON THE GRILL!!!!

Toasted to perfection...
Toasted to perfection…
Oil and seasonings...
Oil and seasonings…

Time to add any veggies you want to add.

More toppings...
More toppings…

At this point I add the cheese.

Cheese Slices..
Cheese Slices..

Here is where I turn the grill on low and close the lid to let it do it’s thing. Watch the bottoms of the bread carefully. Again charred bread is not appetizing!

Cheese is melting...
Cheese is melting…

Once the cheese is melted and browned to your liking, remove from the grill. This is the second set of pizzas I did that night cooked to perfection.

Finished product
Finished product

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