“Fresh” Spaghetti

This is a favorite in our house. It is a super quick recipe that my kids have named “fresh” spaghetti. This recipe came out of pure desperation one evening. I had the spaghetti noodles boiling in a pot of water and mushrooms and shallots sauteing in a skillet to add to my tomato starter (regular tomato starter recipe here and roasted tomato starter recipe here), when to my utter disbelief I discovered I was out of BOTH versions of my tomato starter. In a split second of panic, I ran to my fridge to see what was in there that I could add to the now almost finished pot of noodles and sauteed mushrooms and shallots. All I had was fresh tomatoes from my garden and the local farmer’s market. I took a leap of faith and threw it all together….to my surprise it was requested again and again!

Supply List:

Fresh tomatoes of any kind

Shallots or onion


Garlic powder






Noodles of your choice

Parmesan cheese



Big bowl

Cutting board



Cook noodles however you normally would in the pot.


Slice or dice the mushrooms and shallot or onion and saute in a skillet on med heat until tender.

Mushrooms and onions
Mushrooms and onions
Mushrooms and shallots enjoying being sauteed...
Mushrooms and onions being sauteed…

Dice the tomatoes and throw in the bowl.


Add your seasonings to taste.


Once the noodles, mushrooms, and shallot or onion are cooked, add them to the bowl with the tomato and seasonings. Toss until blended together.

Blending together...
Blending together…

Top with Parmesan cheese and serve…

Fresh Spaghetti….

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