Shortly after I started this blog, I decided to also start a Simplicity Redesigned Facebook page. I said from the beginning that when the page reached 200 likes that I would have my first giveaway!

Well, it happened….just in case you are a little slow on the up take!

So, we knew the giveaway was happening but then had to decide what the giveaway would be. I left it up to the Facebook peeps to decide between an essential oils giveaway or a cooking giveaway. They picked essential oils hands down. I put together a giveaway that I am really jealous of not being able to enter!

So, what is all in the giveaway that has me so jealous??????

Check it out for yourself!

For The Love Of Essential Oil Giveaway

(Yes, the giveaway had to have a name!)


  • 2 glass spray bottles
  • Laminated copies of my favorite all natural cleaning recipes
  • 5ml bottles of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint essential oils in a reusable wooden case
  • An introductory DVD that talks about essential oils
  • A pack of my FAVORITE microfiber clothes
  • Diffuser necklace
  • Diffuser

Told you it was awesome!



A Rafflecopter Giveaway


  1. I cannot pick one blog post as my favorite because each is so special. I have been with you since the first key stroke and I know how much of yourself goes into each one, hence each one is meaningful, a part of you…..REAL!!!! You put so much fun and thought into each post, be it how to make soup or how to keep your family healthy or how to buy from a local farmer. And you put so much heart and feeling in there too……especially when sharing your experiences and life struggles….talk about putting yourself out there. Needless to say…..I am PROUD to call you my daughter (in-law). love you, Mom

    1. You have been there for me since the beginning. You have watched and cheered me on through this whole process. I do pour myself into this blog. I can not thank you enough for your support and proofreading! Thank you Mom! I love you with all my heart!!!

  2. Honestly, I love all your blog posts! But if I HAD to pick just 1 to be my favorite it would be Cleaning & Disinfecting 101! I love that you shared your tips and tricks as we are pulling as far away from all the chemical cleaners as we can. I knew some of what you shared but not other parts so it was highly helpful to me at this point in time. You are awesome about always being willing to share tips and tricks but at the same time you never pressure! Thanks for being such an awesome friend =)

  3. Thanks for the giveaway, please send it to me!!! Kidding aside, I’ve enjoyed many of your posts, probably Essential Oils 101 the best – I like your honesty and although you are clear about which company you prefer, you do not discount that others may be just as good or even better. I believe no company can be the best at everything all the time, so there’s my 2 cents! I also love the cleaning and am trying out some of the cleaners – adding EO’s as I have them available. Thanks again for being candid with your life and your readers!

    1. Thank you for that AWESOME comment!!! That made my day!!! Let me know what you think of the recipes! This week has been insane for me as we ripped out my kitchen and re now rebuilding it and customizing it to my needs. I agree that no company is the best all the time. If that was case, then there would be only one company for everything! I said from the beginning that I would be honest with my readers and show it all and tell it all! There have been times that I have been like WHY DID I SAY THIS??????

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