Dinner Rolls

Lets talk dinner rolls for a second here. The only time I can remember really eating dinner rolls as a child and an adult was during the Holidays. For whatever reason, this is a tradition I have passed onto my kids without even realizing it.

That is until recently….

Why should they only be enjoyed maybe 3 times a year????

The first time I made these bad boys (to enjoy with homemade beef veggie stew) I doubled the recipe. This made about 2 dozen rolls. I was not sure how they were going to go over with the family. But I figured if they were not a hit, I could just freeze any leftovers and we would enjoy them…..yep, for the Holidays.

I served them with our stew that night and crossed my fingers.



I have since been begged to make these almost nightly. Needless to say, I no longer have any doubts that these incredible rolls will make their appearance at my table on a regular basis.

This recipe is doubled as it is slightly harder to fill the cupcake holders. So they can create 1 to 2 dozen depending on how high you fill the cups. If you need less, than cut the recipe in half. It is truly that easy!


2 packages Active dry yeast (4 1/2 tsp)

2 cups Water (105 – 115 degrees)

2 tbs Sugar

2 tps Salt

2 Eggs

2 tbs Butter

4 1/2 cups Flour

Metal muffin cupcake holders (No need for oil and super easy clean up)

Cookie sheet (to place the cupcake holders on)


Dissolve the yeast in the warm water

Yeast and water doing their thing.

Yeast and water doing their thing.

Add in the eggs, sugar, salt, butter and flour.

Looks appetizing doesn't it....

Looks appetizing doesn’t it….

Flour getting added in.

Flour getting added in.

Mix until the dough is smooth and almost slightly forms a blob.

Dough ready to rise...

Dough ready to rise…

Cover and let rise for about 30 minutes until it is doubled in size. Spoon the dough down.

Ready to be spooned.....

Ready to be spooned…..

Don’t panic when you go to spoon down the dough and it is almost like a Flubber or THICK glue like consistency. It means you did the dough correctly.

Can you say THICK????

Can you say THICK????

“Spoon” the dough into the holders filling each until it is about 1/2 full. Don’t worry if they are 3/4 full to full instead. You will just have MUTANT dinner rolls. Let stand for an additional 20-30 minutes for a second rise. If you filled it close to the top of the cup, don’t panic, mine have yet to overflow. Bake at 400 degrees until the tops are a golden brown (about 15 minutes)

Golden brown....

Ready to enjoy.


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