Meatball Subs

This is one recipe that is requested for me to make here time and time again. It is easy, hearty, very filling,  and OH. SO. GOOD! Did I mention easy?

Heavenly “Italian” Bread

This is a version of "Italian" bread with seasonings in it that will not actually kill me to eat. You can turn this bread into a regular loaf of bread or turn it into rolls. The possibilities are endless! For this recipe, I did turn into smaller loaves. But you do not have too.

1 Hr Yeast Rolls

These are super easy to make. They have a slight sweetness to them and OH MAN are they freaking yummy!!!! You know they are THAT good when my Father In Law requests my Mom In Law to check the blog and see if the recipe is posted so that she can make them!!! I felt …


This is one of my favorite dishes to eat during the holidays. I always used to make the boxed stuff before we began our food journey. Have you ever looked at the ingredient list on a box of stuffing? I mean WOW! Really???? Here's my version of stuffing.... Supply List: 6 tablespoons butter 1 Onion …

Night Bread

This is a super easy to make bread recipe that rises overnight (hence the name Night Bread). Takes about 5 minutes to mix it all together and then you forget about it. Get on with your life and bake it in the morning. It is an absolute favorite here! Supply List: 3 cups flour (I …