Chicken, Salsa & Potato Casserole

So, I had chicken and lots of potatoes the other day and decided to create some kind of yummy dish out of them….My family said I definitely achieved what I set out to do. It was so easy to make. Which with a family of 5 is exactly what I needed that day! This time I had help from my youngest on taking the pics for this recipe. Sorry about the blurry pics but she was so proud of herself!

Supply List:

1 lb Chicken

6 to 7 Potatoes (I used reds this time)

4 cups Salsa (Recipe here)

Pepper jack cheese

Sour cream




Garlic Powder



Cutting Board

Baking Dish


Cook your bacon and set aside to cool and then crumble.

Dice chicken and potatoes and put in baking dish.

Chicken and potatoes diced...
Chicken and potatoes diced…

Add the salsa to the chicken and potatoes.

Salsa saying hello...
Salsa saying hello…

Blend it all together.

Everything blended...
Everything blended…

Add salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cilantro to the mix.

Seasonings got added
Seasonings got added

Bake at 425 until chicken is fully cooked and the potatoes easily tear apart.

Add cheese and let melt.

Cheese got added when it was finished being baked...
Cheese got added when it was finished being baked…

Dish out and add a spoon full of sour cream and some chives.

Chives and sour cream...
Chives and sour cream…

Add bacon (Because everyone LOVES bacon!) and ENJOY!

Bacon crumbled added to the flavors in this dish...
Bacon crumbled adds to the flavors in this dish…

It is seriously that good!!!! ENJOY!!

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