Pizza Balls

So, this recipe came from a major “OH SHIT” moment one night while I was trying to tweak a favorite recipe to create a fun new recipe. Don’t pretend you all do not know what I am talking about! I do not know one person that has not had one of these type moments….. You decide that you can make a new twist on a family favorite recipe. It should be so simple!!!! Just a tweak here and a tweak there and voila you are the Kitchen God or Goddess that your family worships and bows down to.


You have a split second to decide…

Do you try and fix the meal?


Do you just throw it away? Cry for the lost time and food wasted, all the while, surrendering the white flag of defeat???


Not just NO



Here in my house, there have only been a few times I have claimed defeat! This recipe was NOT one of them!

Here is the screw up….

Pizza toppings on the crust....
Pizza toppings on the crust….
Cheese added....
Cheese added….

I am keeping what I was trying to do under wraps for now! I am determined to get it right!! I still have the idea in my head! Once I get it right, I will share it. Until then, here is the end results…

This is the OH SHIT moment....It did NOT work at all! Everything just fell apart and went everywhere. So, I threw it all together!
This is the OH SHIT moment….Everything just fell apart and went everywhere. So, I threw it all together!

As I tried to fix this particular “OH SHIT” moment, my family asking me what I was creating, all I could answer was “Hopefully dinner!”.

They know not to say another word until it is finished.

Here is what I created this time…


Pizza Balls

Supply List:

Pizza dough (Recipe here)

Pizza toppings of your choice

Cheese of your choice (Diced)

Seasonings and herbs of your choice

Mixing bowl

Baking sheet

Dipping sauce of your choice (We use a garlic sauce)


Take your pizza dough and add your favorite toppings, cheese, seasonings and herbs.

Pizza dough!
Pizza dough!
Dough with pepperoni....
Dough with pepperoni….
Peppers, shallots, cheese, mushrooms OH MY!
Peppers, shallots, cheese, mushrooms OH MY!
Seasonings saying hello!
Seasonings saying hello!

Mix it all together.

Mixing it all together…
Mixing still...
Mixing still…
Almost done!
Almost done!

The dough mix will be slightly gooey.

Ready to create balls! Dough is slightly gooey!
Ready to create balls!

Create balls and place on your baking sheet.

Dough turned into balls...
Dough turned into balls…
Ready to be baked....
Ready to be baked….

Bake at 425 until golden brown on top.

Golden brown...
Golden brown…

Serve with your choice of dipping sauce! Our favorite is garlic butter!!

There you have it.

No seriously….that’s the entire recipe!

Ready to devour!!!
Time to devour!!!


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