Whipped Cream

One of the BEST things about eating pie isn’t the pie itself, it’s the whipped cream that tops it (or smothers it, if you are me). When we switched to the Real Whole foods thing, I had to give up my precious processed whipped cream. I was a sad momma until I realized I could just make it. Seriously, why did I never realize that I could stuff like this? Then it was back to the whole just give me some pie with my whipped cream again…..

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Whipped Cream

  • Difficulty: Easy
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  • 1-quart Heavy cream (COLD)
  • 2 tbs Sugar
  • Vanilla (optional)
  • Mixer (I use my stand mixer)

  • Directions

    1. Put the cream, vanilla, and sugar in a bowl.
    2. Whip it until it forms peaks on top.
    3. Place in an airtight container until you are ready to use.

    Note: Re-whip for a couple of seconds before serving if needed. The whipped cream has a shelf life of about 10-12 hours.


One Reply to “Whipped Cream”

  1. I am always in a state of disbelief when I read that people used to (worse yet some continue to) eat that artificial stuff called whipped cream 🙂
    Coming from a family that made EVERYTHING from scratch it is second nature to me and any thing out of a box, can or tub just does not taste RIGHT
    To me whipped cream is best just shaken up in my tupperware shaker (one of the few plastic things I still use) I can make a little at a time or a lot and NO SUGAR PLEASE LOL
    but shaking up a little whipped deliciousness with cold heavy cream is a little heaven! and it does not take long to shake up just a little bit!

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